Friends at the Bar: A Quaker View of Law, Conflict Resolution, and Legal Reform

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Additionally, some critics like Gregory Shank and Paul Takagi see restorative justice as an incomplete model in that it fails to fix the fundamental, structural inequalities that make certain people more likely to be offenders than others. Finally, some researchers agree that more research must be conducted to support the validity of restorative justice in schools, specifically in how its implemented.

Some judicial systems only recognize monetary restitution agreements. Some agreements specify a larger monetary amount e. Many jurisdictions cap the amount which a juvenile offender can be required to pay. Labor regulations typically limit the personal service tasks that can be performed by minors. In addition, personal service usually must be approved by the juvenile's parents. According to the Victim Offender Mediation Association, victims are not allowed to profit from restitution the equivalent of punitive damages ; only out-of-pocket losses actual damages can be recovered.

Courts can disallow unreasonable compensation arrangements.

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Both victim and offender can be hesitant to engage in victim-offender dialogue later in the criminal justice process. Once an offender starts serving a sentence, they may believe that the sentence is how they take responsibility for their actions rather than conversing with the victim. For victims, the trial and the sentencing of the offender may terminate the possibilities for discussion. For both offender and victim, victim-offender dialogue is limited in the amount of trust between the two parties. Studies by Kelly M. Richards have shown that the general public would be open to the idea of alternative forms of justice, though only after the idea has been explicitly explained to them.

The use of forgiveness as a tool has in the restorative justice programs, run for victims and perpetrators of Rwandan genocide , the violence in Israeli—Palestinian conflict , and Northern Ireland conflict , has also been documented in film, Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness The documentary A Better Man follows a meeting between a woman who is recovering from domestic violence and the ex-partner.

Season 2 episode 5 of the NPR podcast Mindshift [81] compares two schools that use restorative discipline practices, one that has already made the transition and one that is just beginning to use these practices. Peace Alliance hosts a twice weekly discussion forum on restorative justice called Restorative Justice on the Rise.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Criminology and penology Theory. Types of crime.

Chicago school Classical school Conflict criminology Critical criminology Environmental criminology Feminist school Integrative criminology Italian school Left realism Marxist criminology Neo-classical school Positivist school Postmodernist school Right realism. Index Journals Organizations People. Open prison Peacemaking criminology Positive psychology Recidivism Rehabilitation penology Reintegrative shaming Restorative justice Right realism Social integration Therapeutic jurisprudence.

Main article: Circles of Support and Accountability. University of Pennsylvania. International Review of Victimology.

The Good Society. Scottdale PA: 3rd ed , Retrieved New Province, N. Scottdale PA: , — Ministry of Justice, New Zealand. Retrieved 17 September Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies. Restorative Justice in the United States. Van Ness. Handbook of Restorative Justice. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing, 55 footnote. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing, 76— Devon, UK: Willan Publishing, New York: Springer Publishing Co.

Restorative justice: new paradigm, sensitising theory or even practice?. Restorative Justice: an International Journal, Routledge , , — Retrieved 7 March Center for Justice and Reconciliation. Retrieved 26 March Archived from the original on Peace Review. VOMA Connections Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. Claremont College : 1— College of Policing. Wright and B. Galaway eds. Mediation and Criminal Justice; victims, offenders and community, London: Sage.

August 7, Burlington, VT. Mar Current Issues in Criminal Justice. British Journal of Criminology. Wilson, Franca Cortoni, Andrew J. International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice. Nugent; Mark S. Umbreit; Lizabeth Wiinamaki; Jeff Paddock. VOMA Connections summer BBC News. Restorative policing experiment: the Bethlehem Pennsylvania police family group conferencing project PDF Technical report. Olson Social Justice. Oprah Winfrey And Restorative Justice". Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. Contemporary Justice Review. The Guardian. Retrieved Feb 21, Forgiveness Project. In addition to bioethics consultation, Ms.

Hulkower teaches bioethics to the medical students and medical residents. Prior to joining the Center for Bioethics Ms. Tricia S. Her research and teaching focus on communication, conflict and change processes. She has authored 8 books and over 75 articles and book chapters and has given more than presentations at national and international conferences.

His representations have embraced a broad range of commercial disputes and internal investigations. Kiernan received his B. Over 35 years the agency grew to over staff. It developed programs using mediation, casework, mentoring, community partnerships and various applications of mediation, coaching, restorative practice and large group dialogue. Among the programs were the PINS assessment unit for Queens, the Queens community mediation center, mentoring programs for probationary youth and the city-wide custody mediation program for the family courts.

True to the values of mediation, clients were treated holistically. Recipient of the John M. Founding board member of the city and state divorce mediation councils and a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders. Kenneth M. Kramer joined JAMS in and has since served as an arbitrator and mediator in numerous complicated financial services, securities, mergers and acquisition, antitrust and commercial contract disputes.

Kramer developed a reputation as a consummate securities, antitrust, and commercial litigation practitioner. Kramer is a strong and passionate advocate for alternative dispute resolution. In addition to his litigation practice, he participated in the structuring and negotiation of many complicated corporate transactions and is expert in the documentation for leveraged buyouts, bank credit agreements, asset purchases, mergers and acquisitions and debt and equity offerings; has provided disclosure advice on hundreds of public and private securities offerings.

Chris M. Kwok also served for four years as supervisory ADR coordinator, where in addition to his own mediation work, he oversaw employment law mediations across all EEOC offices within the New York District Office region. Kwok is known for his ability to formulate creative and unique solutions to seemingly intractable employment disputes. Having been inspired to go to law school by her desire to help other artists, she studied copyright, trademark, media law while at University of Michigan School of Law, where she served as an editor on the Journal of Race and Law, and as president of the Entertainment, Media and Arts Students Association.

Through VLA and her own practice, she has gained experience advising clients in non-profit corporate governance, negotiating and drafting contracts and license agreements. Her primary practice has been general commercial litigation, including matters involving art law, media law, employment, intellectual property, constitutional law, real estate, insurance, contract disputes, torts, and as well as other disputes. Amy is a trained mediator with extensive experience working with VLA in the MediateArts program and is on the panel of mediators assigned to resolve cases for the Southern District of New York.

Her rich experience in the financial industry catapulted her into a high stakes world of negotiation and conflict resolution and led her to the NECR program, where she learned how to manage large teams of diverse individuals and consider alternative perspectives in a systemic approach with a self-awareness mindset.

In the future, Jocelyn is looking forward to growing her career in the field of organizational conflict resolution and dedicated to being a bridge builder cross the various parties to generate a mutual benefit.

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Jocelyn is an avid world traveler and likes watching comedian shows in her spare time. Lupo Law acts as outside general counsel to business organizations.

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The firm assists its clients with formulating sound, cohesive business and legal strategies. She brings a unique perspective to her craft having sat in every seat at the table client, advocate and neutral. Jennifer holds an A. He has a background in sociology, economy, and political science before he joined the program. He is currently working at a major technology company in China as the Public Relations manager. He has great passion in conflict resolution since it is not only pertinent to his career but also tightly related to his biggest interest, which is to study human interactions.

Dana C. She joined Bentham in from Sidley Austin LLP, where she was a partner focusing on international arbitration and commercial litigation. She is an adjunct professor of law at Brooklyn Law School, where she teaches a seminar on international commercial arbitration and coaches the Brooklyn Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot team.

Dana earned her J. Additionally, Nataliya is a Program Manager at Unspoken Smiles Foundation USF , a not-for-profit organization aimed at providing fellowships and free dental treatments to children in seven countries. Nataliya's primary role at USF is to strengthen the monitoring and evaluating process of ongoing projects that provide direct impact in the community. Through her studies on Dynamical Systems Theory, she has focused primarily on mergers and acquisitions and on the role of leadership in fostering organizational resilience.

As an Agricultural Business Volunteer in Peace Corps Cameroon, Nataliya worked with over female farmers to establish cooperatives and microcredit unions. She also helped develop and implement a training series for small businesses on sustainable organic farming, apiaries, and mushroom cultivation. She has a passion for fashion and the arts and has represented clients across the entertainment industry including actors, directors and producers. She has also counseled fashion industry clients on corporate formation, brand development, trademark and copyright protection and compliance with FTC Regulations.

Full bio at www. Qinza Najmis an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores psychological ecologies of violence, gender bias and sexuality. David Newman, Esq. The Center partners with local courts, law schools, and not-for-profit organizations to offer free divorce mediation services in appropriate cases and to reduce the pain, trauma, and expense of divorce.

Friends at the Bar A Quaker View of Law, Conflict Resolution, and Legal Reform download pdf

Jean received her J. He teaches and trains in restorative justice and conflict resolution and is an adjunct professor at Cardozo School of Law, where he received a J.

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He is author or chapter contributor of seven books, as well as many articles. His law review article on the use of arbitration among American Quakers was awarded a prize for best writing by New York Law School.

Restorative justice

Together, we explore ways to better serve our communities. Our cooperatively-managed space in New York City, the Guild for Good, is designed to facilitate human connection, nourish conscientious productivity, and elevate the craft of intentional service. On the Fulbright Roster for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Priscilla has written many articles and books on mediation, conflict resolution, bias awareness , bullying prevention and intervention and restorative practices.

She is currently working in several New York City Schools helping to implement whole school approaches to restorative practices. She is very interested in bias awareness and how that can be helpful in religious conflict. Founded in , NYIAC is a non-profit organization that promotes and enhances the conduct of international arbitration in New York, offers educational programming, and operates world-class hearing facilities for rent in Midtown Manhattan.

She is also a Contributor to Investment Claims. She is admitted to practice law in the U. Graphic Novels Comic Strips. My Wishlist.

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