Irish Drink Recipes and Irish Toasts For St. Patrick’s Day And All Year ‘Round!

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Irish Drink Recipes and Irish Toasts For St. Patrick's Day

And keep them handy all year round! We know this isn't exactly the most Irish way to celebrate, but we're considering it a new alternative. In other words, we're sick of the hangovers. Sign up for our newsletter and join our Eat Well, Feel Great challenge to learn how to fuel your body in the healthiest way possible. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. All rights reserved. Get the Kale Breakfast Sandwich recipe from Happy.

Suggest a correction. Drink is the curse of the land. It makes you fight with your neighbor. It makes you shoot at your landlord-- and it makes you miss him! When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.

So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven! Beer's so frothy, smooth and cold-- It's paradise--pure liquid gold.

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Yes, beer means many things to me That's all for now, I gotta pee! Why, if 'tis dancing you would be, There's brisker pipes than poetry. Say, for what were hop-yards meant, Or why was Burton built on Trent? Ale, man, ale's the stuff to drink For fellows whom it hurts to think: Look into the pewter pot To see the world as the world's not. Housman Four blessings upon you Older whiskey Younger women Faster horses More money Here's to cheating, stealing, fighting, and drinking.

If you cheat, may you cheat death. If you steal, may you steal a woman's heart. If you fight, may you fight for a brother.

irish drink recipes and irish toasts for st patricks day and all year round Manual

And if you drink, may you drink with me. Dance as if no one were watching, Sing as if no one were listening, And live every day as if it were your last. May you Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like no-one is watching, screw like it's being filmed, and drink like a true Irishman. Best while you have it use your breath There is no drinking after death. Be one who drinks the finest of ales. Every day without fail. Even when you have drank enough, Remember that ale is wonderful stuff.

An Irishman is never drunk as long as He can hold onto one blade of grass and not Fall off the face of the earth. He that buys land buys many stones. He that buys flesh buys many bones. You guys came by to have some fun.

You'll come and stay all night, I fear. But I know how to make you run. I'll serve you all generic beer. For every sorrow, cheer. For every storm, a calm.

How to make Irish Coffee - Mike Cooper

For every thirst, a beer. A statesman is an easy man, he tells his lies by rote.

Stolen Child

A journalist invents his lies, and rams them down your throat. So stay at home and drink your beer and let the neighbors vote. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and I sigh. That's why we drink ours here. Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. On occasion, I will even drink beer to celebrate a major event such as the fall of communism or the fact that the refrigerator is still working.

See a Problem?

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer. May the devil make a ladder of your backbone While he is picking apples in the garden of Hell. Let no man thirst for lack of Real Ale. Boston Here's champagne to your real friends And real pain to your sham friends! Eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart. No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness Or as good as drink. Teaching has ruined more American novelists than drink.

This little refrain Should help to explain Why it's better to order a beer! Don't ask for saucepan, jug, or mug, Down the hatch--drink it up! Man's way to God is with beer in hand. But if at church they give some ale And a pleasant fire for our souls to regale We'd sing and we'd pray all the live long day Nor ever once from the church to stray.

Beer drinkin' don't do half the harm of love makin'. But who am I that I should have the best of anything? Let princes revel at the pump, let peers with ponds make free, The French with their vineyards and meager pale ale, They drink from the squeezing of half ripe fruit; But we, who have hop-yards to mellow our ale, Are rosy and plump and have freedom to boot.

For I like a drop of good beer, I does. I'ze fond of good beer, I is. Let gentlemen fine sit down to their wine. But we'll all of us here stick to our beer. Then here's to the heartening wassail, Wherever good fellows are found; Be its master instead of its vassal, and order the glasses around. A mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer. The best beer is where priests go to drink. For a quart of Ale is a dish for a King.

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  4. Which brings us good cheer, Mince pies and plum pudding-- Strong ale and strong beer! But the greatest love--the love above all loves, Even greater than that of a mother Is the tender, passionate, undying love, Of one beer drunken slob for another. The young and the old sing your praises, Here's to beer, Here's to cheer, Here's to beer! Up with the glass, Down with the beer! Here's to living single and drinking double!

    Here's a health to all those that we love, Here's a health to all those that love us, Here's a health to all those that love them